Here is a collection of all development and design work I've done since my start in late 2018.

BumbleCraft Screenshot
BumbleCraft • 2020

A NamelessMC full setup and Aether template custom edit for the Minecraft server BumbleCraft.

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Aether Screenshot
Aether Template • 2020

A template for the free Minecraft server forums software NamelessMC.

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Coldfire Web Development Screenshot
Coldfire Web Development • 2020

My personal web development website.

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Coldfire Web Development Support Discord Screenshot
Coldfire Support Discord • 2020

My support Discord server.

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Elite PvP Website Screenshot
Elite PvP Website • 2019

A website setup made with the forums software NamelessMC and the template MineBox by NPCTom.

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Elite PvP Discord Server Screenshot
Elite PvP Discord Server • 2019

A small Discord server for the Minecraft server Elite PvP.

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Elite PvP Server Screenshot
Elite PvP Minecraft Server • 2019

A medium-size bungeecord network with multiple gamemodes to play.

Join at elitepvp.play-mc.net
Ugames Screenshot
Ugames • 2019

An Unblocked games website with many features, including 20+ games, a chatroom, and user accounts.

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Trump Wisdom Bot Screenshot
Trump Wisdom Bot • 2019

A stupid Trump Discord bot with many memey commands, such as roasting people and getting Trump memes.

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Trump Wisdom Bot Website Screenshot
Trump Wisdom Bot Website • 2019

A small website for the Trump Wisdom Discord Bot.

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