About Me

My online name is Coldfire and I am a web developer living in the United States. I have been building projects using code since 2018.


I work in the following areas:

Web Design

  • Website styling using CSS and Bootstrap
  • Website restyling using CSS and Bootstrap

Web Development

  • Creating websites from scratch with HTML, PHP, JS, SQL, Jquery, Smarty
  • Adding new features to existing websites


Minecraft Servers

  • Full setup of all kinds of servers, from survival to Bedwars
  • Setting up plugins, MySQL, hosting
  • Configuring plugins
  • Finding perfect maps

Website Setup

  • Full web hosting setup with multiple popular providers
  • Full MySQL database setup
  • Domain registration and parking


  • Full Discord server setup
  • Creating small Discord bots with botkit.js

Coding Skills









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Here are a few of my most recent projects.

Aether Template Screenshot
Aether Template

A NamelessMC template that is highly configurable and fully mobile responsive.

Skills Showcased:
  • Website styling using Boostrap and CSS
  • Creating templates for NamelessMC
  • Creating modules for NamelessMC

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Elite PvP Screenshot
Elite PvP

A medium-size minecraft server network with a Gunwars server and Bedwars coming soon.

Skills Showcased:
  • Full server setup
  • Setting up plugins, MySQL, and hosting
  • Configuring plugins
  • Finding perfect maps
Join at elitepvp.play-mc.net
Ugames Screenshot

An unblocked games website with 20+ games, user accounts, chatroom, and more.

Skills Showcased:
  • Creating a website from scratch with HTML, PHP, SQL, JS, and Jquery
  • Website styling using CSS (although most styling wasn't done by me)

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